AW15 - The making of "Winter Breaks"




Taking lead from the “Birth of Cool” movement in the 1940s when people were starting to forget war and optimistically look towards the future and to The West, where opportunities and a new life awaited.

Architects, designers, artists, musicians and drop outs all saw California as a new frontier where anything was possible and ideas could be realised; it was freedom.

Skin and Threads looked at the work of artists like Frederick Hammersley and Karl Benjamin, the prolific output of designers like Ray and Charles Eames and the homes of Richard Neutra and imagined a collection made from these Modernist, mid-century roots.

Looking to create cool, comfortable, easy, liveable, luxury was as much the idea of the mid-century designers as it was for Skin and Threads ‘Winter Breaks’ collection.


Beautiful silk prints inspired by the Hard-Edge Expressionists are worn with heavily textured wool knits, while advanced, double-sided bonded fabrics encapsulate the thinking of the era and the best of current technology.  Tongue in cheek nods to the Modernists’ old country come in the form of ‘East Coast’ embroidered sweaters, duffle coats and cricket jumpers that keep the coastal divide alive. 

AW15 ‘Winter Breaks’ is a way of keeping the Modernist ethic and philosophy alive.


Behind the scenes shooting our AW15 look book:




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