August 3


What inspired you in creating this collection and what is your favourite piece?

I like a strong sense of fun, novelty, colour and effervescence in my clothes, it makes me happy, like me. So it was wild being able to think of a motif, animals or my favourite food, or sayings, and have them sartorially realised. As with everything I do, I selfishly made stuff Iwould want to wear, so here’s hoping my love of bright colours and lobsters and hot chips translates. My favourite piece? Ooh, that’s a toughie. But probably the cocky, or the chips tee.

Talk us through how this collaboration with Skin and Threads came together.

I’ve worn S&T for years, in particular, their wool and cashmere sweaters. When I met Penelope through a mutual friend and she asked if I would consider doing a capsule collection for the brand, and said I could do A N Y T H I N G, I was interested. Not because I had a surplus of time, or think of myself as good at fashion, or a designer in any sense, but because I had an opportunity to create some fun stuff with a quality brand… who would do all the hard logistical stuff while I threw ridiculous demands around. I was honestly allowed to come up with the exact clothes I wished existed, and they were magically made! Only a goose would pass that up.

Did anything about the process surprise you?

In truth, I was surprised at the unbridled creative freedom I was granted. Skin and Threads is a pretty elegant, classic brand, and here I am, barging in with wildlife and biscuits and fruit and muscle cars, and they didn’t bat an eyelid. It was like Christmas. 

What was your starting point and inspiration for the collection?

Colour was imperative, I wear a lot of colour - it makes me feel happy. Ditto big motifs, patterns, and copy-centric tops and tees. And, like everyone else, I’m having a bit of a love affair with ‘80s and ‘90s fashion, so I popped a bit of that in there, harking back to the tees I wore as a kid. And then, and I’m sure this is how Lagerfeld and Philo and Simons work, I just threw in all the stuff I love: cockatoos, chips, rockets, lobsters, stripes and hoped it would work. We managed to find bit of a retro Australian theme in there, but I’m fully aware it’s mostly just a bunch of fruity, unconnected motifs. The arrogance is astonishing, when you think about it.

What are you investing in clothing-wise for the winter ahead?

Being heavily pregnant, all my high-waisted jeans and skirts, and fitted tees are being rested. It’s mostly denim (overalls, jeans or jackets), hoodies and sweaters, and trainers. (Actually not too dissimilar to my Real Life wardrobe.)



It’s a tough call, because I obviously love all of it, and will wear it in perpetuity forever… But if I had to choose because an interviewer demanded it, probably the chips tee, the cocky jumper, and the rockets. Oh, and the trench. I love a good collared coat. Makes me instantly feel polished.










July 20
4 Ways To Wear

Our best selling silk Grandpa Dress is back in a new colour: teal.

Add a pop of colour to brighten your winter wardrobe with this gorgeous blue hue.

Here are 4 ways we are styling it this Spring


Shop the Grandpa Collar Bib Dress:


Outfit 1: Classic, easy, effortless; simplicity is often the best. Switch up your accessories and shoes to bring newness each wear.

Shop the look: (SK145)

Outfit 2: Throw over our patch pocket denim jacket for an all over tonal, blue on blue look.

Shop the look: (SK145, DN236)

Outfit 3: Layer with our merino wool skivvy to keep you warm while waiting for Spring. It's one to be worn all year round.

Shop the look: (SK145, MW242)

Outfit 4: Paired back with our leather stretch legging, creating an oversized top silhouette- runners for day, heels for night.

Shop the look: (SK145, LH509)




July 11
The Making of SS17 Field of Vision

iamge corrected.jpg


There's a whisper of the inner cowboy; a ruffle, a cactus flower and even a bang bang motif tee. True subtle detail however, is in the fabrics - textured printed silks, hand embroidered dresses and sunray pleated skirts.


It is a range to wear with a bit of flare; to have fun with the tees, fun in the flirty pleats while still a maintaining a simple elegance and femininity.


SPRING correct.jpg






March 14
Trending: Knitwear

 Look to street style images from New York, Paris and London Fashion Week for knitwear styling inspiration. Here are our favourites...


TIE IT UP LIKE ALEXA: tie your sweater around your shoulders and layer your knit as a scarf. The perfect way to elevate your look.

Our pick: The wool metallic stripe sweater in harbour. Shop this style in store here:


SKIVVY LAYERS: the ultimate layering piece. Under tees, under knits, under dresses. The options are endless.

Our pick: Superfine merino slim fit skivvy. Shop this style in store and online here:

COLOUR AND TEXTURE: brightened up your autumn look with a coloured cable sweater. A classic staple, reinvented.

Our pick: Wool cable sweater in raspberry. Shop this style in store and online here:






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