August 9
SS16 The City of Lights

“Wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

Earnest Hemmingway. The Moveable Feast.




To represent the Parsien experience, is to understand that Paris, like London or Rome, is a city dedicated to culture. Paris wants you to walk and to notice, to peak behind the edifice. This is not a city of pace, or having to be on time. It is a city to take time.


What you find is yours and how you find it, your secret. Paris’s gems aren’t in the luxury boutiques, hotels or buildings; they are the buildings, the parks and the roads.


This season is a reminder of those subtle sparkles off metal window frames on off-white facades, or the ‘diamonds’ in the footpath that revel in the moonlight on a night wander. It’s about the buildings that push up, next to or over one another revealing the subtle differences in tones and colour, exposing texture and pattern, referencing that the City of Light is not just physically, but intellectually illuminated too.


Silhouettes and fabrication crisscross feminine/masculine boundaries with opacity, transparency and weight of cloth all playing significant roles. Iconic stripes and ethnic patterns gently express historical and social pride.


Most of all, this season is effortless and casual, an unforgettable nonchalance inspired by travel and walking the City of Light.


Paris is more than the sum of its parts.


That’s why it stays with you.













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