November 9
Rachael Finch for Skin and Threads

We're delighted to bring you our Rachael Finch for Skin and Threads collection.

The sun and the beach, a healthy, full life, friends and family. This collection reflects Rachael's vitality and lifestyle.


Rachael was an athlete before becoming a model and you can see this in her physique; naturally toned with fluid movements, coordinated and instinctive. There is a strength and an inner confidence that she is comfortable in her own skin - an Aussie girl.

Designing the range with Rachael was effortless. With such a full life, versatility and ease were key concepts. Words like relaxed and convertible were used consistently.

Intimate, personal and reflecting Rachael's vibrant and active lifestyle, the collection is the perfect marriage of her personality and the quintessential Australian summer.


Shop the collection in all Skin and Threads boutiques, Myer Melbourne and Myer Sydney City and online here





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