August 26
Meet our neighbours.... Yardmill

Serving everything from quality coffee, can’t beat salads and delicious take home packs, health and nutrition is key to everything Yardmill kitchen and grocer produces.


We sat down with Tracey, the passionate owner and founder of Yardmill to get to know our neighbours…















How did the idea of Yardmill originate

YARDMILL is a product of 2 years research and development – it began when I left the life of

a corporate lawyer, in pursuit of my passion. Inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi, his array of

product and his food presentation; the food scene in Abbott Kinney Rd in LA and in downtown

New York, I wanted bring my love of food and quality produce to similarly likeminded people

in such a way that I could offer a diverse range of premium product, to those who were time

poor, couldn’t cook or simply didn’t want to. Offering both and retail and online store and a

delivery service would accomplish that end.


Many of my friends who suffered from a food disorder, often complained that they couldn’t

find food outside their home, that that they could eat or tasted any good. I saw a gap in the

market place that was not being met so I wanted to address this and also cater for those who

suffered from dietary intolerances. The range of raw, sugar free, dairy free, fructose free and

gluten free range of products that we now offer are a direct response to meeting this gap. It

was therefore essential that I had my own kitchen, making food from scratch - so that I could

deliver a quality product to customers, every time, but also be in position whereby my staff

would be able to answer any customers’ questions regarding the contents of any product,

if asked.


When did you open your store in Toorak?

Tuesday 15 July 2014


We absolutely love your wellness packages – tell us what these entail?

My desire to encourage healthy eating saw the creation our Wellness Packages. Our

packages are not weight reduction focused but simply focused on balanced eating and are

therefore a natural extension of the YARDMILL philosophy. Each wellness package can be

personally tailored to our customers preferences and dietary requirements.


We offer two nutrient dense meals and beverage plans (Cleanse and Revitalise) and

(Immune and Energy Booster) both of which were designed in house as a collaborative effort

in conjunction with our consulting nutritionist. Both plans provide for breakfast, lunch and

dinner together with midmorning, mid afternoon and post dinner snacks.


Our Cleanse and Revitalise Meal Plan has been specifically formulated to assist with the

elimination toxins from the body in order to promote optimal organ function and complete

revitalisation. The meals included in this package each have a distinctive nutritional profile

which are intended to alkalize and support the body’s natural cleansing pathways.

Our Immune and Energy Booster Meal Plan is designed to strengthen and boost the immune

system whilst providing long lasting energy. The nutrient dense meals selected in

this package contain the right balance of functional ingredients to promote vitality and optimal



Our beverage plan is the same for both packages and includes our own cold press juices

made in house together with organic herbal teas.


With spring not far away, what healthy offerings can we expect to see on the menu?

In addition to our best sellers, our seasonal spring offering will include

• Smoked Chicken Breast with leek and sorrel sauce;

• Daily market catch – whatever sustainable fish is in plentiful supply –with a wasabi

pea puree and daikon radish;

• Seasonal salads, including:

• Green Pulses - Puy lentils, mung beans, freekah, mache lettuce, currants,

activated almonds, dressed with lemon and olive oil; and

• Spring Pea - Pea, crispy pancetta, cos and mint with a seeded mustard dressing;

• Gluten free Spring Berry Trifle with Mint and Limoncello;

• Super green smoothie – banana, spinach, kale, coyo yogurt, chia seeds;

• Paleo Bircher Muesli;

• Black sticky rice breakfast bowl;

• Nut free muesli bar; and

• Fructose Free Raw Protein Ball



We know Yardmill is a big supporter of local, paddock to plate produce. Tell us a little

bit about your suppliers.

Warialda Belted Galoways – Beef

Located in Clonbinane, Victoria, just one hour out of Melbourne is Warialda Belted Galloways.

Run by the Snaith family, Allen and Lizette have been breeding Belted Galloway cattle for 30

years. Using quality stud genetics, the Snaith family believe in a paddock-to-plate approach to

cattle breeding and are passionate about nose-to-tail consumption and utilising the entire

animal. The Snaith family think outside the box when it comes to farming and are constantly

evolving to keep up to date with new trends and demands in the food industry. In addition to

Warialda’s three ranges of fresh beef and selection of small goods, WBG also make gluten

and preservative-free sausages and burgers.


The Farmers Larder – Pork

The Farmer’s Larder is located in the sleepy village of Franklinford - just north of Daylesford

and south of Castlemaine - a 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne. Stew and Louise Laing of The

Farmer’s Larder says their aim is simple: grow food that tastes great. They raise our heritage

breed animals using clean, smart and free range principles. Their animals roam free across

our paddocks, eating beautiful green pasture and 100% natural feed.

Stew and Louise are open, ethical and honest about how they raise, feed and kill

their animals and encourage our customers to learn where their food comes from.

We want our customers to have the choice of great tasting food that they know and trust has

been raised with love and made with taste in mind.


Spade and Barrow: Fruit and Vegetables

Spade and Barrow is the conduit between Yardmill and the smaller local farmer.

Whilst at SecondBite, Katy witnessed the struggles facing our farming community and

shocked to learn that farmers were moving off their land in droves unable to remain viable.

Founded in 2013 by Katy Barfield CEO of food rescue organisation *SecondBite, with a

mission to keep Australian farmers on their land by paying a fair price for their produce,

purchasing produce in all shapes and sizes and distributing it directly to commercial kitchens,

including Yardmill.

* Second Bite under distributes million of kilos of fresh food to 800+ community organisations



Family Homestead - Free Range Eggs

Established in 1991, Family Homestead is a 100% Australian, family owned and operated

business that produce genuine free-range eggs with the utmost love and care. Located

86kms from Melbourne’s CBD, Family Homestead is home to happy hens who can be seen

roaming the fresh paddocks to their hearts content. With a strong focus on animal welfare,

Family Homestead do not de-beak their chickens and allow them to express their natural

behaviour through natural farming methods. Hens are free to dust bathe, flap their wings and

socialise. It’s this approach, along with a high quality grain diet of corn, wheat and lupins,

which leads to the production of an old-fashioned, tasty free-range egg. Owners Vesna and

Ivin are proud and passionate about free-range eggs and are also dedicated to maintaining

environmentally sustainable farming practices


St Davids Dairy - Milk and Butter

Tucked away in the urban streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne lies boutique dairy, St David Dairy,

headed up by milk lover and food technologist, Ben Evans. St David Dairy is Inner

Melbourne’s only mirco-dairy, delivering beautiful fresh milk to restaurants, cafes and up-andcoming

cheese makers around town.

The Dairy’s main purpose is to provide absolute freshness to customers, with milk collected

direct from the farm, hand-bottled in Fitzroy and often delivered the very same day. This

hands-on approach is Ben’s preferred way of operating and his paddock-to-plate and grassto-

glass approach makes Evans’ the perfect milkman to deliver milk fresh to YARDMILL.


Nuts over Milk – Almond Milk

Created by Melbourne Personal Trainer, Zoran Sovilj, Nuts Over Milk is a boutique raw

almond milk that uses 100% biodynamic almonds. This mouth-watering drop is an alkaline

plant based milk that’s fresh, vegan, gluten-soy-lactose free. Nuts Over Milk provides the

people of Melbourne with a modern, tasty alternative to regular milk and it’s jam packed full of


With an avid love for raw almond milk, Zoran is equally passionate about the environment and

sustainability. Zoran does his part to protect the planet by recycling his old school glass milk


Found in select stores and cafes, YARDMILL is a proud supporter of Nuts Over Milk. Here’s

to supporting the little guys and to going nuts over milk!


Melbourne City Rooftop Honey

Beekeepers, Vanessa and Mat are the duo behind Melbourne City Rooftop Honey, an

initiative to bring bees into the city and raise awareness of the various threats and diseases

that the honeybee is subject to. Vanessa and Mat are responsible for the installation,

maintenance and care of over 70 hives on rooftops scattered around Melbourne, joining the

worldwide effort to help the honeybee. Concerned with the sense of disconnection between

food production and consumption, Vanessa and Mat not only share their honey with

supporters, they share knowledge, connect people and create a sense of community.

By placing hives on the roof spaces of cafes, restaurants, hotels and gardens Melbourne City

Rooftop Honey reduces the distance from production to plate to mere metres. Local

communities benefit and enjoy true ‘local’ produce that’s unique to their area and YARDMILL

is thrilled to be part of this exciting bee community.


Shane Kent – Ceramicist

Highly respected ceramicist and fine artist, Shane Kent is the man responsible for

YARDMILL’s beautiful ceramic shingled walls. Briefed by Projects of Imagination, Kent took

YARDMILL’s paddock to plate and health and wellness approach into consideration when

working on the commission and has successfully mirrored it in his work.

With over 2,500 handmade ceramic tiles lining the walls of YARDMILL, Kent subtly changed

the colour and texture of each tile through the kiln firing and scratching process, bringing a

greater sense of space and warmth to an otherwise narrow interior. While beautiful to look at,

Kent’s tiles are not just for decoration, they serve a much greater purpose and we feel

privileged to bring Kent’s beautiful art into everyday culture.

Kent has also produced four sets of distinctive serving vessels for winter, spring, autumn and

summer to reflect and enhance YARDMILL’s commitment to using seasonal ingredients.




Along with our daily coffee fix, we can’t beat the super healthy and delicious take home

packs. What are your best-selling dishes?

• Falafal Wrap

• 18 hr hanger steak w caramelised onion jam & semi-dried tomato wrap

• Braised Beef Filo Pastry Cigars

• Vegan Samosa

• Gluten Free Spinach and Ricotta Fritters

• Vegan Rice Paper Rolls

• Carrot Cake Bircher Muesli

• Hearty Broth and Velvet Vegetarian Soups of the Day

• Immune Boost Soup

• Green Super Food Dip

• Seasonal Salads

• In House Made Gluten Free Parpadelle

• Gluten Free Vegetarian Lasagne

• Lemon and Garlic Free Range Chicken

• Pedro Ximenez and Orange Braised Lamb Shanks

• Parmesan Polenta Chips

• Our raw food balls and bars – sugar, gluten, dairy, fructose and/or nut free.

• Vegan Chocolate Mousse

• Gluten Free Banana Bread

• Gluten Free and Sugar Free Choc Beetroot Brownie


Visit Tracey and the Yardmill team at 2/343 Toorak Road, Toorak, Victoria and online here



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