January 24
MEET... Aimee from TOM Organic

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on the back of your tampon or pad packet? Here at Skin and Threads, we only use TOM Organic personal care products as we believe only using the purest organic cotton in the most absorbent part of our body.

We sat down with Founder and CEO Aimee Marks to find out more about her journey as an Organic Entrepreneur.

For those of us who don’t know, what is TOM Organic?

TOM Organic is an Australian brand of organic personal care and maternity products for women. Our mission is to empower women to live healthier, more fulfilled lives – through buying and living more consciously. Recently, we have also launched Tooshies by TOM, our new baby range of eco-nappies and 100% biodegradable wipes.


Why is it so important to choose TOM Organic tampons/pads?

We use over 12,000 tampons in a lifetime; they come in contact with the most absorbent skin in our bodies. Conventional tampons are either made from materials including polyethylene, polypropylene and rayon or they are made from conventional cotton which is grown using pesticides. Conventional cotton actually accounts for 16% of the world's pesticides and is considered the world's dirtiest crop.

I felt a responsibility on behalf of Australian women to create an alternative made from pure ingredients that didn’t compromise the environment. So TOM products are made from pure, organic cotton – nothing else.


Best advice for other women wanting to start a business?

Trusting my gut instincts and never compromising on my own values, you have to believe 100% that no-one knows your product better than you. I’m also incredibly grateful to the many mentors I’ve met along the way, surrounding myself with a network of people I admire who have been on the journey already has been priceless.

Favourite way to move your body?

I try to get outside as much as I can with my twin girls and go for walks to our local parks, along St Kilda beach or around our neighbourhood. I get to either a yoga or Pilates class every week and I have started boxing during the week for half hour sessions.

Handbag essentials?

BKR drink bottle – I add slices of lemon or oranges for extra flavour.

10andCo Organic Soothe Operator balm – on lips, hands, elbows, everywhere!

TOM Organic mini tampons – absolute handbag must have! There’s always a friend who needs one.

Le Labo Lys roll on liquid balm – my new fragrance for this season. Love the convienient roll on size.

Skin and Threads cotton scarf – perfect for travelling and brightening up an outfit.


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